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Coming soon: Day after day of bentos

A chronicle of packed lunches for my first-grader in Tokyo during the summer

Challenge: To make a bento for my 1st-grade daughter to bring to gakudo (after-school club, which runs sort of like a day camp in the summer) for three weeks in a row.

Background: Thanks to the great healthy and well-balanced school lunches provided by Japanese daycares and schools, I have never been in a position where I had to pack a lunch for my daughter everyday. For daycare, we had to pack occasional lunches for day trips, but those were rare, so I would try to make them special and cute (see the penguin bento above). However, I don’t think I can do that day after day. How do other parents pack a lunch every single day for days/months/years on end?!? I need to develop such stamina and skills, and streamline the bento-making process while ensuring they are nutritious and appealing.

I will be posting my attempts at bento-making throughout the summer holiday, which is only 3 weeks long this summer because of the altered school schedule due to COVID-19.

Wish me luck!