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manakish with za’atar spice mix
Manakish with za’atar spice mix

Za’atar is a middle eastern mixture of spices including thyme, oregano, majoram, savory, sesame seeds, and salt. It can be used in a variety of middle eastern dishes, including manakish bread, and za’atar chicken.

Here is a simple recipe for the za’atar spice mix.

2/3 cup oregano
1/3 cup marjoram
1 cup thyme
1/3 cup savory
1/2 cup sumac
2 cups sesame seeds
About 4-8 teaspoon salt

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Za’atar Manakish

Manakish is a type of Lebanese food made of dough that is rolled flat and baked. Popular toppings include za’atar (a mixture or spices including thyme, oregano, majoram, savory, sesame seeds, and salt), cheese, and minced meats.

My favorite is from a Lebanese store called Al-Taib on Guy street in Montreal. They have a wide variety of Manakish, but my favorites are the za’atar one, and the ‘half-half’, which is half covered with za’atar and half with cheese. They bake the manakish in a large hot oven upon ordering, and hand it to you wrapped in a piece of paper or in a paper bag, hot. They also have Lebanese vegetables you can put on the manakish to make a roll.

The manakish is best fresh, of course. However, when I bring a bunch for my sister in Toronto, we freeze them, and then toast them in a toaster oven when desired. They taste just as good.