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Missing posts

Well, we never realized just how much we had here at Foodaholic Adventures until we had to search for all the missing bits after everything was lost in a server crash. Although I may have a backup, I cannot access it until I go back to Japan in June, and unfortunately, we lost quite a lot!

Missing food posts include:
shinmai new crop rice, mini garlic spinach cheese hot dog rolls, mochi taiyaki experiment, chocolate cake, ume shiso pasta, gyoza dumplings, green bean dessert soup, green bean jelly, Cantonese beef brisket, experimental macaroons, chocolate waffles, banana muffins, shortbread cookies, scones, Sakura cupcakes, french toast, pizza in a fry pan experiment, taiyaki, yau gok, kabocha an, taco rice, and sasadango…

Photos of some of the missing posts:
sakuracakesshinmaiimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageYau gokZataar manekishMacarons

If you have a copy of any of these posts, recipes, or photos, please send it to me at Any help would be much appreciated!

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Sorry for the absence!

We must apologize- this site has been down for a few months already, and as we were busy with personal events (both Ming and M-Y had babies within 5 days of each other!), we were unable to restore the page until now. Our deepest apologies!

Although we will be able to restore most of the recipes, most of the images were lost. We will try to find them or make new photos again, so please bear with us. If you happen to have a copy of any of our photos, please let Ming know at Any help will be much appreciated!

Thank you! And please stay tuned!

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