Kenzo Ramen-ya (Toronto Restaurant)

In our ongoing search for authentic casual Japanese food, good ramen has always been surprisingly elusive. Then GD and I discovered Kenzo Ramen (Dundas and Bay, and one chilly night, we decided steaming bowls of noodle soup would be the ideal late-night snack. Boy, were we glad we made the trek to Kenzo.

The restaurant is small, and decorated with Japanese elements. It was packed, but after about a 10 min wait, we were seated in a cozy corner table. The short menu offers traditional ramen from different regions in Japan (brought back memories of the tasting menu at the ramen museum in Yokohama), and a selection of “sides” (basically, additional popular Japanese foods like gyoza). We ordered the tonkotsu ramen and the netsu ramen. And just because they had it, we also had an order of takoyaki

The big bowls of ramen were heart-warming, and the broth was layered with great flavours. Definitely the best we’ve had in Toronto. The takoyaki was so-so, more of a novelty than anything else. Everything was nicely presented in Japanese style, especially for a casual food joint. The takoyaki came in collapsible bamboo bowl. The beer came with a small dish of wasabi beans. All in all, we’ll definitely go back when the craving hits again.

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