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Banana waffles- made with banana muffin batter

Looking for more ways to use my waffle maker, I decided to try using my favorite banana muffin recipe with it to make banana waffles.

They turned out surprisingly beautifully! They were crisp when cooled, and soft on the insides. It was almost like eating only muffin tops! Not only that, they also came off the waffle plate cleanly so cleaning was easy.

Another plus: waffles take less time to cook if you only want to make a few. And you can spice it up by adding chocolate chips, blueberries, walnuts etc. if desired.

Like muffins, they get soft after they have been sitting around for awhile, so I reheated leftover waffles in the iron again before eating them, and they regained their former crispiness. I also tried freezing and reheating them in the iron with the same results. I suspect reheating the frozen waffles in a toaster would give the same effect. (Just like cooking Eggo waffles from the freezer aisle. )

You can find the banana muffin recipe here, but instead of baking them in cups, place about two tablespoonfuls in the waffle maker and cook as you would normally when making waffles.