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Barque Smokehouse

Meat lovers, rejoice! After nearly a decade’s barrage of vegan and vegetarian joints in the city, we are seeing a carnivore revolution!

My mouth started watering the instant my nose caught a whiff of the smokehouse. At the door, the hostess took my name and number, and after some back and forth and mix-ups, which made me seriously consider finding dinner elsewhere on the Roncy strip, we were seated at the kitchen bar 40 minutes later.

The ambiance was comfortable country chic, like a glammed up version of a ranch grill for us city folk. The food followed suit: good, but with more focus on presentation and frills than necessary. It felt like we were paying more for the décor and the novelty, rather than good, down-to-earth barbeque.

We were served with complementary Q water, sparkling of course (since we had the choice), and a bucket of popcorn. Tantalizing glimpses of the grill made it difficult to focus on the menu. After much deliberation, we ordered the sampler, which gave us the opportunity to try a bit of everything.

The brisket was amazingly melt-in-your-mouth, moist and succulent. The ribs were richly layered with sauce and fell off the bone. And the chicken… meh. Stick with the big meats. The sides were a good complement to the barbeque, but nothing special. We had the caesar salad and corn cobs. The food was served up neatly on a platter with mini tongs, along with three different sauces and a brush for DIY basting.

A decadent meal calls for dessert, and the pecan pie didn’t fail to deliver. I rolled out of the restaurant with mixed reviews tumbling in my head. The verdict: even with the rude hostess and overpriced menu, I’d go back just for another taste of that brisket! And the Q sparkling wasn’t bad either.

299 Roncesvalles Ave